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Watch out! The Millennial’s Can Disrupt Your Business Like Never Before

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Millennial Disruption – is that a thing? Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Growing up, many of us would remember, there was little or no technology influence in our daily lives. Then came the 90s, and everything changed. Today technology features in virtually any aspect of life we can think of. It’s almost impossible to imagine living without it!

Enter the millennials – the generation that will comprise nearly three-fourths of our workforce in the next five years.

Millennials are born into technology. This is an ambitious generation – digital natives – defined by their fierce technology dependence.


Study: Millennials’ impact on HR


Previous studies by SAP point out that millennials place utmost importance on trust-based relationships at the workplace, followed by attributes like simplicity, practicality, mobility, personalization, and convenience.

Technology is a very intricate part of this equation. Make no mistake – while other generations may have put up with flickering screens, erratic system outages or painfully slow processors in their day, the millennial will just give up on defective technology and move on.

Which is why enterprises across the globe are making existential changes to the way they function, to make the millennial workforce feel welcome and motivated.

Steve Strauss, in his article “Top Work Trends For 2020 And Beyond” in the Digitalist Magazine, says.


Top Work Trends in 2020 And Beyond



“Younger workers expect more out of work and their employers … Are you ready for flextime and remote work and BYO devices and gig workers and all the rest? Because I can tell you, big businesses are, and as a result, they will snag the best and the brightest if you don’t keep up with these changes and pivot accordingly.”

For instance, enterprises should ensure their ERP technology is intelligent and flexible enough to support the digital generation’s basic requirements, like on-demand information, real-time collaboration, ubiquitous virtual communication, gig-work and multi-screen connectivity.

Not just employees, millennial customers and stakeholders, too, expect this from businesses!

So, can your present-day technology give your millennial employees (and customers) the innate sense of “connectedness” and purpose that they so resolutely seek?

Consider an “intelligent” upgrade, to get past the millennial disruption today.

Phoenix Business Consulting has been a leading SAP implementation partner for more than two decades now. We have helped businesses transform into intelligent enterprises.

If you wish to know how you can transform your business to meet the growing needs of the millenials, please feel free to write to me.

By: Venkat Nanduri[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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