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Taking a cue from Monocept

I’m delighted to share this news with you.

Monocept, a professional IT Services company, has taken a bold futuristic step during the pandemic when every other company is holding back on their technology investments.

I have seen quite a good number of companies relegating to obscurity when hit with a crisis. Only a few companies, like Monocept, took the decision to change course and sail through the storm.

Instead of getting anxious about the future, Monocept embraced Cloud ERP – SAP Business ByDesign – to become future ready, not only to stay competitive but also to serve their customers better. The most noteworthy aspect is that during high pandemic the teams worked remotely to execute such a complex SAP ByD project. 

Last week, the Monocept team visited the Phoenix India office in Hyderabad, India, to commence the “Go-Live” of the SAP ByD project. Phoenix is proud to be part of Monocept’s transformation journey with SAP ByD.

We congratulate the entire Monocept team for taking this bold step.

We congratulate the entire Monocept team for taking this bold step.

We, at Phoenix, have helped numerous companies digitally transform their businesses. I will be more than happy to share case studies if you are interested. Please feel free to drop a line.

By: Venkat Nanduri

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