SAP Business ByDesign

Phoenix Business Consulting a créé plusieurs extensions et solutions complémentaires SAP Business ByDesign disponibles sur la boutique SAP. Ces extensions de solution offrent des fonctionnalités avancées à la solution ERP basée sur le cloud. Pour plus d’informations sur ces puissants outils logiciels, cliquez sur les icônes ci-dessous pour en savoir plus sur les fonctionnalités, les avantages, les informations techniques et les tarifs de chaque solution complémentaire SAP ByDesign fournie par Phoenix.

Cost Center based Authorization for G/L Postings

The Cost Center based Authorization for G/L Postings with SAP Business ByDesign will enable you to control which cost center or project the user is able to post a supplier invoice/customer invoice/goods movement to (or any document that creates a journal entry).

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Sales Commissions

The Sales Commissions add-on allows the user to define commission plans, recipients, and agreements while tracking commissions due. The user can then create supplier invoices to payout those commissions in a single unified platform.

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SAP Concur Integration for Vendor Invoices

The SAP Concur Integration for Vendor Invoices with SAP Business ByDesign allows you to generate a list of invoices from SAP Concur. This will enable you to continue to use the SAP Concur platform for the purposes of Vendor Invoices in addition to upgrading and utilizing the robust functionalities that SAP Business ByDesign includes.

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Convenience and Compliance pack

The Convenience and Compliance pack for SAP Business ByDesign is a package of multiple add-on solutions developed by Phoenix Business Consulting. These solutions have been carefully developed after extensive research on system functionality gaps and user recommendations.

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E-Invoicing Solution (India)

A fully end-to-end integrated solution for the mandatory e-invoicing process for organizations in India by providing seamless integration with the AP Invoicing process. Generate & Store the IRN and QR codes for all of your customers’ invoices and stay fully GST compliant with tax authorities.

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Budget Control for SAP Business ByDesign

The Budget Control solution allows you to create and manage budgets for all your purchasing processes in SAP Business ByDesign. This will allow an organization to plan the expenditure by year, month, and quarter, and monitor the availability of the funds for a project or operations.

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