SAP Ariba Invoice Management

SAP Ariba Invoice Management lets you receive, process, and pay your invoices digitally, including non-PO invoices and invoices for recurring and complex services. It handles electronic invoices submitted through SAP Business Network, as well as paper invoices from an outsourced service or those indexed by your AP staff. The solution lets you easily match PO invoices for nearly touchless invoice processing. PO’s that originate in your ERP software or other order management system can be sent through SAP Business Network and consumed by SAP Ariba Invoice Management, along with the related invoice. This helps create an efficient invoice reconciliation process.

With SAP Ariba Invoice Management you can monitor due dates and invoices at risk, make quicker payment decisions, forecast your cash needs more accurately, and expand the capture of early-payment discounts by combining a payment terms standardization program with dynamic discounting. You can also free up valuable working capital. SAP Ariba Invoice Management empowers you to lower your invoice processing costs, reduce exception management, enforce compliance, track performance, and shift AP resources to strategic activities.

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Benefits of SAP Ariba Invoice Management

  • Enforce compliance with two-, three-, and four way matching and contract invoicing
  • Capture more early-payment discounts
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Improve control over spend
  • Automatic capture and processing of electronic invoices from multiple sources
  • Cloud-based invoice workflow
  • Preconfigured templates for immediate use
  • Ability to define serial, parallel, and group approval flows to meet business needs
  • Flexible approval options, including mobile
  • Reporting and analytics to track results