SAP Ariba Category Management

The SAP Ariba Category Management solution can enhance your category performance through digitalized processes that provide fast access to actionable intelligence along with a comprehensive strategy development and execution framework. Built on SAP Business Technology Platform, the solution helps you operationalize your category strategy through data-driven analysis. SAP Ariba Category Management as part of your procurement strategy, can accelerate the realization of long-term value by reducing risk exposure, achieving higher savings, and improving procurement efficiency.

The solution provides an easy-to-use framework, as shown in the figure below, that enables you to automate the creation of category spend profiles, follow a guided process for strategy and plan development, and monitor strategy execution

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Benefits of SAP Ariba Category Management

  • Higher cost savings through system-based actionable insights
  • Reduced time spent on data gathering, analysis, and preparation
  • Enhanced coverage of spend categories
  • Enriched and categorized spend data
  • Increased time for strategizing and initiative execution
  • Improved compliance and segmentation accuracy
  • Better performance tracking of categories
  • Deeper insights through industry-standard guidance and strategic frameworks