Convenience and Compliance pack for SAP Business ByDesign

The Convenience and Compliance pack for SAP Business ByDesign is a package of multiple add-on solutions developed by Phoenix Business Consulting. These solutions have been carefully developed after extensive research on system functionality gaps and user recommendations. This package is essential for organizations that run SAP Business ByDesign and want to extract the maximum possible output from their ERP system.

Positive Pay File

Positive pay is a simple but effective way to prevent check fraud. It stops criminals from cashing fraudulent checks using stolen account information. It also catches bad checks where the check amount has been altered or if the check has an invalid date. A positive pay file can be generated from the list of outgoing checks in SAP Business ByDesign. You have the option to generate a file by company, bank account, check dates or by suppliers/employees. We provide a standard file format that is accepted by most banks, and it can be customized as prescribed by your bank. The file generation program can be scheduled daily and emailed to a pre-designated email address directly for the banks or someone in your organization.

Customized Approval Matrix

SAP Business ByDesign can create an approval matrix through standard and custom development functionality. Although standard functionality is quite robust, it can cause configuration limitations for complex and lengthy approval processes. Depending on your needs, Phoenix Business Consulting offers a customized approval matrix functionality to ease the process of configuring and maintaining an optimized workflow. The customized approval matrix development add-on solution allows the user to maintain the approval data via Excel templates which are then used to define the steps/rules in the process. Through innovative programming logic, SAP Business ByDesign can now maintain complex conditions in a fast and efficient manner. 

Journal Entry Controls

In most organizations, there is a frequent need to enter journal entries for various day-to-day operations. These journal entries could originate from an external system, or are required to be posted for a correction in the G/L balances. As a necessary step, it is required to have these entries reviewed by another set of eyes before they are posted to the General Ledger. In larger organizations, this is usually an audit requirement that at least one person must review journal entries before it is posted.

Our solution enables multiple users to work on journal entries and allows only the last person the ability to post it. The entire change history is available via a customized report. This is an enhancement to the standard functionality in which one user can create the entry and a separate individual posts the entry. The add-on solution provides an option to maintain one or more approvers per user. These approvers will receive an (email) notification as soon as a journal entry has been posted by one of their peers and are required to review the entry before it can be posted. 

Audit Log for Supplier Master Data

An audit log for supplier master data is essential for organizations that conduct business with multiple vendors. Keeping track of the master data of your vendors can be a challenge in a growing, fast-paced business where change is generally normal. These challenges can pose multiple risks for your safety and protection against fraudulent practices. A high number of frauds has been reported associated to change in banking and other information of suppliers in ERP systems. An audit log can help prevent fraud by recording all changes to the supplier master data along with their banking data. Control features can also be added such as whitelist users that can make changes and creating customized email notifications to pre-designated distribution lists in the event of a change to data.

Document Center

Document Center is an enhancement from the standard Business ByDesign document management functionality in the Project Management work center, where it is now enabled for all users. It provides an administration view where the system administrator can add and create documents and maintain multiple versions as desired. You can associated documents to specific organizations and have the ability to associate tags & validity dates to each document. The regular view is available for all the end-users where they can view and download these documents for their use. You have the option to allow the end-users to view documents specific to just their organizations. Additionally, these documents can be associated to standard business documents such as Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices etc.

Project to Sales Quotes

SAP Business ByDesign can now create a detailed quotation using the Project Management module. For business operating in consulting and professional services, more often than not you need to create a detailed quote with a multi-level hierarchy of tasks and milestones. You might also be required to associate the cost (& discounts, if any) of services and materials used at each level. This process can be easily done using the project management module in ByDesign. Using the existing functionality, you can now design a sales quote as if a project itself, and upon approval if required, you can convert this into an actual sales quote by just one click of a button.

Mapping Interface for Shopping Catalogs

External shopping catalogs can now be utilized in an efficient manner in SAP Business ByDesign through a mapping interface. This interface can create a map of hundreds of external items to one or multiple master data items which can be very useful for organizations working with UNSPSC codes. Suppliers, Product Categories, Products, and Units of Measurement are all data sets for which mappings can be maintained (with excel or web services-based data maintenance).

Customized Upload Templates

SAP Business ByDesign features both manual and tool supported migration methods. With the use of excel-based templates, the user can migrate thousands of master & transactional data entries in minutes. However, the templates provided by the standard functionality are quite strict in their format and can sometimes cause cumbersome experiences with data uploads. For e.g., the journal entry creation template allows creation of only one journal entry per file. A great alternative to the standard templates is the customized upload template provided through the Compliance Pack. These flexible templates are fully customizable and include all the extension fields. Now the user can limit unwanted common fields while configuring the most common attributes in the system. The functionality takes it one step further by maintaining a complete reportable audit log of all files and can even trigger an approval process if necessary.

Check Templates (MICR Encoded)

The Compliance pack contains a standard template for checks that makes use of the MICR encoded check numbers. This is especially useful for the organizations that print checks using their own stationary for payments to their business partners. These MICR encoded checks can be easily read by the banks’ check readers, thus providing a standard and convenient way for outgoing check payments.

Customized Approval Matrix

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