Cost Center based Authorization for General Ledger Postings with SAP Business ByDesign

The Cost Center based Authorization for General Ledger (G/L) Postings with SAP Business ByDesign will enable you to control which cost center or project the user is able to post a supplier invoice/customer invoice/goods movement to (or any document that creates a journal entry). If they are not on the approved list or specifically authorized to post to that cost center/project, they will not be able to post to that specific project.

Solution Scope

 It is functionally with an on/off switch where the functionality in the system can be activated or “turned on/off” at any time. In addition, there is a cut off date to define which transactions before/after that date will have authorization. It will also track updates to the configuration overall as well which can be essential for ease of audit processes. When viewing the cost centers, it is hierarchy-based so if you give access to the top level in the hierarchy in the organizational structure it will auto-assign the relevant controls to underlying cost centers in the hierarchy as well. For projects, you can simply add a project that your user will be allowed to post. Once you have a user setup with specific access, you can export that user and eventually copy those access rights to another user in the system if necessary for both current and new users in the system.


The solution is to have a consistent and seamless connection between two different platforms, namely SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Concur. Given that both platforms are operating under the SAP platform, it is a great benefit that each one can be utilized for different processes. The usual bottlenecks of integrating conflicting systems are completely avoided by establishing a connection that both platforms understand. Phoenix Business Consulting has included this in the Convenience and Compliance pack as one of the definite “convenient” elements and gives the user control over how they operate the Vendor Invoice process.

Key Advantages:

  1. Showcases which projects everyone has access to per user based visual.
  2. Controls the overall postings to the ledger which is essential for risk management

Phoenix Business Consulting has created the Cost Center based Authorization for General Ledger Postings in SAP Business ByDesign as a cost-effective solution to achieve the process shown above.

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