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Employee Experience Vs Fish

In today’s Tuesday Thoughts, we’re going back to school!

Let’s take a quick recap of an elementary school biology lesson. Again, I would like to give you an analogy of FISH. 

How do fish breathe in water?

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Using their gills, of course! But how exactly?

Water enters a fish’s mouth, and passes through its gills. The filaments in the gills separate the oxygen and push it to the bloodstream.

And the water? It is mixed with the carbon dioxide that comes out through the gills and is flushed right out!

But Venkat, you may ask, why this sudden interest in marine biology?

Because, I believe, this is exactly the essence of modern-day HR tech.

Think about it. Your employees, be they leaders or frontline workers, are constantly barraged with information. Some of it is unsolicited, some fake, some incomplete, some absolutely mission critical.

All of it can be overwhelming – leading to error in judgement, bad decisions and oversight.

Not a good place to be, right?

Human Experience Management or HXM is about filtering the good from the inconsequential, to ensure every interaction that your employee has with your organization is meaningful, individualized and scales them up for success.

SAP’s industry-leading SuccessFactors HXM suite, for example, helps HR managers build a more engaged, diverse workforce. They can do this by:

  • Creating immersive onboarding experiences
  • Building richer relationships
  • Recognizing outstanding work in real time
  • Understanding what inspires and drives employees
  • Building customized development plans
  • Fixing gender bias language, promoting cultural sensitivity
  • Optimizing benefits packages, and more.

And this is important, because with the right experience, your employees are streamlined to deliver better, faster, stronger. HXM is the future of HR tech. If you need to know how HXM connects back with your organization’s market wins, write to me. I’ll be happy to walk you through

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By: Venkat Nanduri

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