Digilant: Strengthening Global Partnerships with Innovative Approach to Accounting and Auditing

“As a company, we can now organize and report across different organizations and regions. Having all data, all the time, right in front of us, being able to visualize it – It’s a game changer.”

Chris McCourt, CFO, Digilant

Featured Partner
Featured Partner

Digilant: Strengthening Global Partnerships with Innovative Approach to Accounting and Auditing

Digital advertising partner Digilant is focused on helping agencies and brands accelerate growth by combining big ideas with executional scale. But the company’s existing ERP infrastructure was falling short in supporting the enterprise, and it needed a change.

Today, Digilant more efficiently and cohesively supports its team of over 100 advertising technologists with a central motive: to unlock true value for clients.

With an improved workflow approval system, automated tools and services, and seamless service integration, Digilant is charting its course in today’s era of digital marketing.

Streamlining Accounting Management and Auditing with

SAP® Business ByDesign ®

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Needed effective ERP and CRM integration
  • Variety of solutions across 6 companies in 14 countries led to unaligned reporting
  • Wide variety of reporting types made it difficult to determine useful ones
  • Inconsistent P/L, DSO and credit reporting

Why SAP and Phoenix Business

  • Currency exchanges in real-time with better accounting controls
  • Ability to track contract progression from beginning to end
  • Workflow approvals with multi-layered review process to mitigate errors
  • Spreadsheet program plug-in makes manual, time-consuming tasks easy and user-friendly
  • Phoenix Business collaborates weekly; reliable and consistent team during transition

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Tracks progress efficiently for ad campaigns — 25-person team handling 10-15 campaigns at a time
  • Less manual data entry cuts down on work time, reduces labor costs
  • Invoice issuance much improved, former two-day process now instantaneous
  • Integration of effective CRM and ERP allows for focus on strategic areas of business

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